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$2.00 of every Ocean, Earth and Air stainless steel water bottle is donated to non-profit environmental and humanitarian charities. Stainless steel water bottle

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Stainless steel water bottle

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$2.00 of every
stainless steel
water bottle donated
to breast cancer
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Stainless steel water bottle

Stainless steel water bottle

What is Project Earth H2o™?

"Ever wonder about those people who drink bottled water?
Ever try spelling Evian backwards?"

George Carlin

The Problem

Although 70% of our planet is covered in water, few are aware only 2.6% is fresh-drinkable water. We use fresh-water for just about everything in our daily lives, hydrating our bodies, showering, doing laundry, washing dishes, watering our lawns, and yes, even flushing our toilets. The list goes on and on. Fresh water is and has been so readily available to us throughout our daily lives that we take it for granted. However, we all depend on this water for our survival. Fresh water is the most valuable commodity on our planet; it is more valuable than oil.

There is just one very big problem - we are running out!

In 2008, the United Nations issued a report stating that by the year 2025, sixteen-years from now, over two-thirds of our planet will not have enough fresh water for life. As a result, banks and large bottled water corporations are working aggressively to buy our municipal water sources.

Supply & Demand

Over 70 million single-use water bottles are sold every day in the U.S. alone. Nine out of ten empty bottles end up in the trash, and over 40 billion make their way into our national landfills and waterways each year. These bottles are leaching massive amounts of toxins into our planet and oceans. What is in bottled water that is so special? Close to 50% of the time nothing more than regular tap water. Fact: Almost half of all bottled water is regular tap water obtained from the same public water source we get our home water. Fact: Bottled water is NO SAFER than tap water.

So, what's the difference between tap water and bottled water? There are no real differences in water quality. However, there are few differences that we believe are important. Here are just two:

1. From our own homes we can fill an 8oz glass with filtered tap water over 15,000 times and it will still cost less than buying a 12 pack of bottled water.

2. Every year in the US alone, over 17 million barrels of oil are wasted to make plastic water bottles that are used only once. To put that amount in perspective, that is the same amount of oil it takes to power over 1 million vehicles for an entire year.

Bottled water companies are making record profits every year

In 2007, the bottled water industry reported revenues in excess of $16 billion in the United States alone and over $100 billion worldwide. These profits are increasing over 12% each year. Bottled water is a cash-cow product. Pennies are paid to collect tap water from our municipal sources only to be sold back to consumers at 10,000 times the original cost. Millions of advertising and marketing dollars are spent attempting to convince consumers that bottled water is somehow safer and healthier than tap water, but, it's not! It is the exact same water, from the same source that runs through our home facets. Bottled water is NO SAFER than tap water. You will never see a bottled water company say or print that bottled water is safer than tap water. They can't because it's just not true.

Our Goal at Project Earth H2o

Project Earth H2o's goal is to drive awareness to the profound negative environmental, economic, and health issues related and created by the production, transportation, and selling of single-use bottled water. We are a collective of healthy and environmentally savvy consumers who are making a positive difference just by purchasing. We do this by driving awareness, strategic partnerships and...

  • Providing a safe, Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, high-grade, reusable stainless steel water bottle

  • Donating $2.00 of every Ocean, Earth & Air stainless steel water bottle to non-profit environmental & humanitarian charities focused on preserving our planet.

  • Donating $2.00 of every Get Pink™ stainless steel water bottle to breast cancer research.

  • Reducing the massive oil waste, unnecessary burning of fossil fuels, excessive plastic and water waste, and consumer demand that drives continued production.

  • Project Earth H2o™ does not even charge you for shipping & handling + you receive a free extra sport cap with every stainless steel water bottle purchased

  • Rather than buying bottled water, fill safe, Project Earth H2o stainless steel water bottles with filtered tap water from your home. By making this simple adjustment in behavior, you will not only save anywhere from $300 to $3,000 every year, but you will also be doing a huge service to yourself, to our children, and to our planet.

    Thank you for making a difference!

    Brian Denton

    Caution! Project Earth H2o™ Stainless Steel Water Bottles Contain Awareness


    What is Project Earth H2O?

    stainless steel water bottle.

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