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$2.00 of every Ocean, Earth and Air stainless steel water bottle is donated to non-profit environmental and humanitarian charities. Stainless steel water bottle

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Stainless steel water bottle

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$2.00 of every
stainless steel
water bottle donated
to breast cancer
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Stainless steel water bottle

Stainless steel water bottle

Tap Water Versus Bottled Water

Tap vs. Bottle
  • Almost half of all bottled water is regular tap water

  • Fact: bottled water is no safer than tap water.

  • 40% of bottled water is filtered tap water sold back
    to consumers at hundreds of times the cost.

  • Both tap water and bottled water are evaluated
    using similar standards. However, tap water
    is tested far more frequently and has more
    independent oversight by state and federal
    environmental authorities (EPA and DEP).

  • Tap water system operators must be certified and our water is frequently
    tested by labs. Such testing is not required for water bottlers.

  • Lacking adequate capacity to regulated bottled water, our government relies on bottled
    water corporations to police themselves, which in some cases has resulted in bottled
    water contamination that has lasted for weeks before the public was warned.

  • Bottled water corporations spend tens of millions of dollars each year to convince
    us that their products are safer and more pure than tap water. It is just not true.

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stainless steel water bottle.

All 18/8, 304,
high-grade stainless steel water bottle. Stainless steel water bottle

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Stainless steel water bottle