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$2.00 of every Ocean, Earth and Air stainless steel water bottle is donated to non-profit environmental and humanitarian charities. Stainless steel water bottle

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Stainless steel water bottle

Stainless steel water bottle

Letter From The Founder

Brian Denton - Founder "Blue is the life giving water.
Taken for granted."

- Jimi Hendrix, Bold as Love

Although 70% of our planet is covered in water, few are aware that only 2.6% of it is fresh-drinkable water. We use fresh-water for just about everything in our daily lives, cleaning, personal hygiene, washing cars, watering lawns, our plants and yes, even flushing our toilets. A little known fact is that we are running out! Fresh-water is the most valuable resource we have and necessary for the very root of our existence. It is also one of our most rapidly diminishing resources. This makes fresh-water the most valuable commodity available; more valuable than oil. The bottled water industry reports revenues to the tune of $100 billion dollars every year by simply selling us the same water we currently receive though our home facets. Over 50% of their product, "bottled water" is nothing more than regular tap water filtered with the same type of filtration system available in most homes. It is then packaged into a petroleum-based, single-use water bottle and sold back to the consumer for 1,000 to 10,000% more the cost. On average, tap water cost $.0025 cents per gallon.

In 2008 the United Nations released a report (read here) stating that by the year 2025, two-thirds of our world population will not have enough fresh water to sustain life.

That is why fresh-water is commonly referred to as "Blue Gold" by the bottled water and banking industry as well as others who wish to see it privatized. They want to own it. Little now about the aggressive efforts being made by these corporations to privatize water sources that are currently owned by US Tax Payers. If they are successful, we will no choice but to buy our water back from them for all of our daily needs at rates more expensive than gasoline.

I truly believe once people become aware of the profound negative impact the bottled water industry has on our health, environment, and economics, they will stop buying bottled water and make simple adjustments in their daily behavior resulting in powerful impacts.

Instead of buying bottled water, fill safe Project Earth H2o™ stainless steel water bottles with filtered tap water from your home. You will save $100's to $1000 of dollars, help prevent the unnecessary burning of millions of tons of fossil fuels, preserve and protect our rapidly depleting fresh water supply, while donating money to environmental and humanitarian charities focused on making a genuine difference.

Together, we are making a vital difference.

Brian Denton

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stainless steel water bottle.

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