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$2.00 of every Ocean, Earth and Air stainless steel water bottle is donated to non-profit environmental and humanitarian charities. Stainless steel water bottle

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Environmental & Humanitarian Charities

Stainless steel water bottles Nature and Culture International!

Since 1997, Nature and Culture International has establish millions of acres of protected areas, conducted extensive scientific research in biodiversity, and provided environmental education to tens of thousands of children.

Project Earth H2o and Nature & Culture International are working together to make a difference. Project Earth H2o donates $2.00 of every one of our Earth, Ocean, and Air stainless steel water bottles to Nature & Culture International. Please read below to learn why the work we are doing with NCI is so important.

As an American, why do I care about Tropical Rainforest?

There are many important reasons for American’s to help on efforts to conserve tropical forests outside of our borders. Childhood Leukemia for example, used to be a death sentence for young American kids. Thanks to medicine derived from the Rosy Periwinkle, a very useful and effective medicinal rainforest plant, this disease is now treatable. Additionally, a muscle relaxant and a painkiller that is up to 200 times as potent as morphine are derived from liquids secreted from frogs in the tropical rainforest. Several of the wonderful flavors we enjoy on a daily basis also come from rainforests including chocolate, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon among many others.

Rainforest destruction has been measured to be responsible for close to 20% of the world’s carbon emissions. As forests are cut down and burned, significant amounts of greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Therefore, by protecting them and preventing future deforestation, we are reducing these emissions that contribute to climate change, a phenomenon felt worldwide. The most conservative estimates of sea level rise of 2-3 feet over coming decades would result in the displacement of hundreds of millions of people. For example, Long Island is only about 2 feet above current sea levels. Additionally, the US Navy is planning for a rising sea level by building floating docks for its vessels. Perhaps the best way to offset carbon emissions and fight climate change, from both an economic and human rights perspective is to find ways to conserve tropical forests and engage local people as participants. One of the most efficient ways to prevent these devastating impacts is to prevent deforestation in the tropics.

These forests are the life-support systems of the world in many ways. In a narrow band around the tropics are found the most species rich areas both on dry land and in the tropical oceans. One tree in Peru was found to have more ant species than all of Great Britain, Ecuador has about 2 ½ times the bird species of all of North America and a 2 ½ acre area of Amazonian rainforest can house as many as 250 tree species. Of equal importance is that these forests are home to millions of people around the globe, who depend on functioning ecosystems for the well being of their families, communities, way of life and culture. Turning over vast areas of forest for producing a monoculture crop such as African Oil Palms displaces people from their lands sending them in the a profound cycle of economic and cultural poverty.

Nature and Culture focuses its efforts on forest conservation in southern Ecuador and northern Peru in the Tropical Andes Hotspot (#1 world conservation priority) and the Tumbesian forests on the west coast (#4 world conservation priority). In addition to these forests being such high priority areas, the largest continuous area of rainforest in the world is in the Amazon Basin. Nature and Culture in the Loreto region of Peru, has been instrumental in organizing local communities and regional government authorities to declare 4 ½ million acres as Amazon protected areas.

Every time you purchase Project Earth H2o™ stainless steel water bottles you a making a difference!

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